Windows Mobile 6.5
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This event occurs when the Windows Media Player control begins or ends buffering.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player

<SCRIPT FOR="MediaPlayer" EVENT="Buffering(bStart)" LANGUAGE="JScript">
  //insert script commands//


Boolean value specifying whether data buffering has started or finished. A value of true indicates that the data buffering has started.

This event occurs when data begins or finishes buffering.

The properties of an .asf file (for example, how its images are stored) can initiate event buffering. Buffering also occurs when .asf file playback stops and then restarts (either from calls to the Stop and Play methods, or because the user pressed the stop and start buttons). However, other factors such as network congestion can cause data buffering to occur at almost any time while streamed content is being played.

The following example displays a message when data buffering occurs.

Sub MediaPlayer1_Buffering(Start)
  If Start = True Then      'Did buffering just begin?
    TextBox.Text = "Buffering..."
  Else   'Buffering done, clear text box
    TextBox.Text = ""
  End If
End Sub

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