Excluded Catalog Item Dialog Box

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Windows Mobile Not SupportedWindows Embedded CE Supported

This dialog box provides information about the reason for exclusion of the selected Catalog item from your OS design. For more information about dependencies, see Catalog Item Dependencies. For information about the Catalog Items View, see Catalog Items View.

To view this dialog box, from the Catalog Items View, make sure that either User-selected Catalog Items and Dependencies or All Catalog Items in Catalog are selected. Then select a Catalog item that is excluded by dependency, and then, from the context menu, select Reasons for Exclusion of Item.

In the case that a Catalog item is excluded from the OS design, the Excluded Catalog Item dialog box appears, and displays a list of the Catalog items that exclude the Catalog item you have selected in order to function, or displays information about the reason that the Catalog item is excluded. Depending on the selected Catalog item, it might also display actions that you must perform. For example, if a Catalog item is specific to a particular locale, you must change the default locale.

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