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Outlook Mobile Command Line Launch Parameters

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The Outlook Mobile applications Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks, can be invoked with command-line parameters that cause the applications to launch in specific modes.

Calendar Command Line Launch Parameters

Details how to launch Calendar in a particular view, showing a particular date.

Contacts Command Line Launch Parameters

Details how to launch Contacts in a particular view.

Tasks Command Line Launch Parameters

Details how to launch Tasks in a particular view.


Windows® phones include a messaging sub-system for sending, receiving, storing, and manipulating e-mail and Short-Message Service (SMS) text messages. The Microsoft messaging client application, Messaging (formerly Inbox), provides the user interface for creating and reading messages, and for accessing and manipulating the message items in local and remote message stores. The Windows Mobile version of the Messaging API (MAPI) is a COM-based library that provides programmatic access to this functionality. It mirrors the Microsoft Exchange Server version of MAPI, but has a smaller scope of functionality to accommodate the practical constraints of mobile devices.

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