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Calendar Command Line Launch Parameters

Windows Mobile 6.5
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You can launch Calendar in a particular date/view if you invoke it using CreateProcess, and pass in the appropriate command-line switches. The following code example illustrates the generic form of the command.

poutlook.exe calendar [-vx] [-dx] [-new]


Specifies the view to display. x can be:



Agenda View



Day View



Week View



Month View



Year View



Lunar View


Specifies the date to view. x can be either a date, or an offset in days. The date format is yyyymmdd. For example, -d20050102 represents 01/02/2005. The offset format is [-]x, where x ranges from -999 to 999. For example, -d-3 represents three days ago, and -d5 represents five days from now.


Opens an edit card for a new Appointment or Meeting Request.

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