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Windows Mobile 6.5
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The get_OutlookCompatible method returns a value that indicates whether the mobile device is partnered with a desktop computer running Outlook, as opposed to running Schedule+.

HRESULT get_OutlookCompatible(
   VARIANT_BOOL * pfCompat


[out] Reference to a Boolean flag. VARIANT_TRUE if the device is partnered with a desktop computer running Outlook, otherwise VARIANT_FALSE. For information about the VARIANT_BOOL type, see the union member of the PROPVARIANT structure.

This method returns the standard values E_INVALIDARG, E_OUTOFMEMORY, E_UNEXPECTED, and E_FAIL, as well as the following:


The method completed successfully.

This method is useful because there are differences in behavior between Outlook and Schedule+. For example, a task with a start date of None must also have a due date of None if partnered with a desktop computer running Schedule+.

The VARIANT_BOOL data type (also known as VT_BOOL) uses the value -1 to represent TRUE and 0 to represent FALSE. It is defined in the wtypes.h header file in the following manner:

typedef short VARIANT_BOOL;

A common programming error occurs when, for readability purposes, you want to set a VARIANT_BOOL value to TRUE or FALSE. You can achieve the same effect by using the aliases VARIANT_TRUE and VARIANT_FALSE, which are also defined in the wtypes.h header file.

#define VARIANT_TRUE  ((VARIANT_BOOL)0xffff)

Schedule+ is not supported in platform versions later than Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. In this case, pfCompat always returns VARIANT_TRUE.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 2.0 and later
Windows MobileWindows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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