Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function determines if a given CLSID represents an OLE 1 object.

BOOL CoIsOle1Class(
  REFCLSID rclsid


[in] CLSID to check.


CLSID refers to an OLE 1 object.


CLSID does not refer to an OLE 1 object.

CoIsOle1Class determines whether an object class is from OLE 1. Your application can use it to prevent linking to embedded OLE 1 objects within a container, which OLE 1 objects do not support.

When a container has determined that copied data represents an embedded object, the container code can call CoIsOle1Class to determine whether the embedded object is an OLE 1 object.

If CoIsOle1Class returns TRUE, the container does not offer CF_LINKSOURCE as one of its clipboard formats. This is one of several OLE compatibility functions.

Other compatibility functions, listed below, can be used to convert the storage formats of objects between OLE 1 and OLE.

To determine whether the platform supports this function, see Determining Supported COM APIs.

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