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Simple Network Management Protocol

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for Windows Embedded CE is the Internet Standard protocol for network management and part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. SNMP was developed by the Internet community to monitor and manage networks.

SNMP OS Design Development

Provides information about SNMP that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows Embedded CE OS. This includes dependency information, the modules and components that implement SNMP, and SNMP implementation considerations.

SNMP Application Development

Provides an overview of the SNMP architecture in Windows Embedded CE. Includes detailed information about SNMP extension-agent architecture in Windows Embedded CE and the Management Information Base (MIB) concept.

SNMP Registry Settings

Provides a list of the configurable registry settings for SNMP.

SNMP Security

Includes security-related information for SNMP.

SNMP Migration

Provides information about issues to consider when migrating to a newer version of Windows Embedded CE.

SNMP Samples

Provides sample-related information for SNMP.

SNMP Reference

Contains reference pages for the SNMP programming elements.

Device Management

Contains descriptions of the Device Management functionality in Windows Embedded CE, which includes the Device Management Client and the Simple Network Management Protocol.

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