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This function returns selected version information from the specified version-information resource. To retrieve the appropriate resource, call GetFileVersionInfoSize, and then call GetFileVersionInfo, and then call VerQueryValue.

BOOL VerQueryValue(
  const LPVOID pBlock,
  LPTSTR lpSubBlock,
  LPVOID* lplpBuffer,
  PUINT puLen


[in] Pointer to the buffer containing the version-information resource returned by the GetFileVersionInfo function.


[in] Pointer to a zero-terminated string specifying which version-information value to retrieve. The string must consist of names separated by backslashes (\) and it must have one of the forms shown in the following table.

Form Description


Specifies the root block.

The function retrieves a pointer to the VS_FIXEDFILEINFO structure for the version-information resource.


Specifies a value in a language-specific StringTable structure.

The lang-codepage name is a concatenation of a language and code page identifier pair found as a DWORD in the translation array for the resource.

Here the lang-codepage name must be specified as a hexadecimal string.

The function retrieves a string value specific to the language and code page indicated.

The string-name name must be one of the following predefined strings:

  • Comments
  • CompanyName
  • FileDescription
  • FileVersion
  • InternalName
  • LegalCopyright
  • LegalTrademarks
  • OriginalFilename
  • ProductName
  • ProductVersion
  • PrivateBuild
  • SpecialBuild


Specifies the translation array in a Var variable information structure.

The function retrieves a pointer to an array of language and code page identifiers.

An application can use these identifiers to access a language-specific StringTable structure in the version-information resource.


[out] Pointer to a variable that receives a pointer to the requested version information in the buffer pointed to by pBlock. The memory pointed to by *lplpBuffer is freed when the associated pBlock memory is freed.


[out] Pointer to a buffer that receives the length, in characters, of the version-information value.

Nonzero indicates that the specified version-information structure exists, and version information is available. If the address of the length buffer is zero, no value is available for the specified version-information name. Zero indicates that the specified name does not exist or the specified resource is not valid.

The version information functions are only compatible with 32-bit Windows file images. They are not compatible with 16-bit Windows file images.

The following code sample shows how to enumerate the available version languages and retrieve the FileDescription string-value for each language. Be sure to call the GetFileVersionInfoSize and GetFileVersionInfo functions before calling VerQueryValue to properly initialize the pBlock buffer.

// Structure used to store enumerated languages and code pages.
  WORD wLanguage;
  WORD wCodePage;
} *lpTranslate;
// Read the list of languages and code pages.
DWORD cbTranslate = 0;
// Read the file description for each language and code page.
for( i=0; i < (cbTranslate/sizeof(struct LANGANDCODEPAGE)); i++ )
   wsprintf( SubBlock,
   // Retrieve file description for language and code page "i".

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