Run-Time Image and OS Directories

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When you install Windows Embedded CE 6.0 on your development workstation, a hierarchy of directories is created. If you installed the Windows Embedded CE OS in the default directory, the topmost directory for the Windows Embedded CE OS is WINCE600.

Platform Builder creates some directories when you install Platform Builder, and it creates others when you build a run-time image. The directory structure in your OS design varies, depending on the Catalog items you include in your OS design.

The WINCE600 directory contains the following directories.

Directory Contents


A file named Crc.ini, which provides information about files in the Platform Builder installation.


Run-time files, binary files for building run-time image files, registry files, and batch files used to add files to an run-time image.


User-created OS designs.


Device-specific files and directories.


Source code for the Windows Embedded CE OS.


Source code for the Windows Embedded CE OS.


Tools and libraries in the Windows Embedded CE SDKs that support Platform Builder.

For information about the Windows Embedded CE SDKs, see the documentation included with those products.

The directory structure for Platform Builder allows multiple development projects to exist within a single tree. Also, each OS tree can support multiple CPUs. This is important because Platform Builder uses the Platform and Public directories to store source code for device-specific projects.

When you install Platform Builder, device-specific source code files are created in the Platform directory for each processor type you specify.

For example, if you install hardware support for ARM, MIPS, and CEPC board support packages (BSPs), and then create a new BSP called MyMIPS, the Platform directory structure appears as follows:





These source files support the targeted devices that you choose when building a new run-time image.

The Public directory contains source code for the Windows Embedded CE OS designs, including build tools, drivers, and library source files common to all platforms.

When you create an OS design, a corresponding directory is created in the OSDesigns tree.

For example, if you create an OS design called MyHandheld, the following directory is created:


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