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Mapping Data Types

SQL Server 2000

In rowsets and as parameter values, ADO represents data in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 by using the following data types. The ADO enumerated constant, DataTypeEnum, specifies the data type of the Field and Parameter objects.

SQL Server Data Type ADO Data Type
bigint adBigInt
binary adBinary
bit adBoolean
char adChar
datetime adDBTimeStamp
decimal adNumeric
float adDouble
image adVarbinary
int adInteger
money adCurrency
nchar adWChar
ntext adWChar
numeric adNumeric
nvarchar adWChar
real adSingle
smalldatetime adTimeStamp
smallint adSmallInt
smallmoney adCurrency
sql_variant adVariant
sysname adWChar
text adChar
timestamp adBinary
tinyint adVarbinary
uniqueidentifier adGUID
varbinary adVarbinary
varchar adChar

ADO supports consumer-requested data conversions as shown in this illustration.

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