Bing API, Version 2

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Bing API SourceTypes are transitioning to the Windows Azure Marketplace. You can access these services and relevant documentation here.

Bing API, Version 2.0 redefines the meaning of Search Engine Web Service. With expanded protocol and SourceType support, strongly-typed data, enhanced developer portal, and unlimited traffic access (see the Terms of use), this latest version offers developers the opportunity to put the traditional ten-blue-results-on-a-page behind them.

The Articles section provides information about a variety of technical topics and coding techniques for the Bing or Live Search developer.

Both the documentation - in the form of a Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file - and code samples are available from the downloadable software development kit (SDK) site for Bing API Version 2.0.

Bing API Version 2.0 supersedes the retired Bing API Version 1.1b.