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Using the Web Assistant Wizard

Using the Web Assistant Wizard

SQL Server 2000

You can use the Web Assistant Wizard to generate standard HTML files from Microsoft® SQL Server™ data. The Web Assistant Wizard generates HTML files by using Transact-SQL queries, stored procedures, and extended stored procedures. You can use the wizard to generate an HTML file on a one time basis or as a regularly scheduled SQL Server task. You also can update an HTML file using a trigger.

With the Web Assistant Wizard, you can:

  • Schedule a task to update a Web page automatically. For example, you can update a price list when a new item is added or a price is changed, thereby maintaining a dynamic inventory and price list for customers and sales staff.

  • Publish and distribute management reports, including the latest sales statistics, resource allocations, or other SQL Server data.

  • Publish server reports with information about who is accessing the server currently, and about which locks are being held by which users.

  • Publish information outside of SQL Server using extended stored procedures.

  • Publish server jump lists using a table of favorite Web sites.

  • Use the sp_makewebtask stored procedure to generate an HTML file. This system stored procedure can be called by a Transact-SQL program. You can also call system stored procedures to run or drop the task.

The Web Assistant Wizard runs from SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

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