This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

H2INC Command-Line Reference

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Converts C header (.h) files into MASM-compatible include (.inc) files. It translates declarations and prototypes but does not translate code.

H2INC [[options]] filename.H


The options listed in the following table.
Option Action
/C Passes comments in the .h file to the .inc file.
/Fa[[filename]] Specifies that the output file contain only equivalent MASM statements. This is the default.
/Fc[[filename]] Specifies that the output file contain equivalent MASM statements plus original C statements converted to comment lines.
/HELP Calls QuickHelp for help on H2INC.
/Ht Enables generation of text equates. By default, text items are not translated.
/Mn Instructs H2INC to explicitly declare the distances for all pointers and functions.
/Ni Suppresses the expansion of nested include files.
/Zn string Adds string to all names generated by H2INC. Used to eliminate name conflicts with other H2INC-generated include files.
/Zu Makes all structure and union tag names unique.
/? Displays a summary of H2INC command-line syntax.

Environment Variables

Variable Description
CL Specifies default command-line options.
H2INC Specifies default command-line options. Appended after the CL environment variable.
INCLUDE Specifies search path for include files.

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