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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Evaluating Team Foundation Server Performance

You can configure performance counters and monitoring tools to evaluate Team Foundation Server performance. Reviewing and interpreting this data over time can help you evaluate the overall performance of your Team Foundation Server deployment. In addition, reviewing performance data can help pinpoint issues and troubleshoot problems.

Establishing Baselines

Every deployment of Team Foundation Server is unique. Differences in hardware, software, the number of users, the number of projects, the process template that is used for each project, and the amount of source data and work items all affect Team Foundation Server performance. It is important to establish baseline performance data for your specific Team Foundation Server deployment so that you can identify any significant variations in performance when they occur, and also understand the overall performance demands on your Team Foundation Server hardware over time.

Tools for Establishing Baselines

Although Team Foundation Server does not include one specific set of tools for monitoring server performance, you can use monitoring tools and options available in Windows Server 2003, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and the.NET Framework to monitor your Team Foundation Server deployment. Additionally, you can create your own tools for monitoring Team Foundation Server performance. For more information, see Understanding Monitoring Tools for Team Foundation Server.

Evaluating Data

As soon as you have established baselines for your Team Foundation Server deployment, you will be able to better determine the overall health and status of Team Foundation Server. For example, if you regularly see a runtime database exception in Event Viewer, you might not have sufficient processor or memory resources available on your Team Foundation data-tier server. Similarly, if you see a sudden decline in one of the Team Foundation Server performance counters, you will know to investigate the application for that performance counter in addition to overall performance of the Team Foundation application-tier server. For more information, see Monitoring Performance.

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