This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthroughs (Creating and Updating Version-Controlled Database Schemas)

The walkthroughs in this section introduce you to creating, updating, and deploying changes to your databases. Each walkthrough focuses on one of multiple processes that you follow to create and manage ongoing changes to your databases.

Walkthrough: Create and Deploy a New Version-Controlled Database

Explains how you create a database project and database objects and then deploy that database to a server.

Walkthrough: Put an Existing Database Schema Under Version Control

Explains how you create a database project, import the schema from an existing database, and then put that database under version control.

Walkthrough: Modify Database Objects

Explains how you use the Transact-SQL editor to modify objects in your database project.

Walkthrough: Deploy Changes to an Existing Version-Controlled Database

Explains how you deploy updates from a database project that is under version control to a database server.

Starting Team Database Development

Contains topics that describe how you create and update the database project for a new or existing version-controlled database. This process includes importing a schema from an existing database or script into a database project.

Build and Deploy Databases to an Isolated Development Environment

Contains topics that describe how you build and deploy changes to a new or existing database schema that is under version control.

Terminology Overview of Database Edition

Describes terminology associated with the features of Visual Studio Team System Database Edition.