This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Transact-SQL Editing Essentials

You will want to perform certain important operations in the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) editor, such as modifying the definition of a database object, creating a pre-deployment script, or modifying a management script.

In This Section

How to: Start the Transact-SQL Editor

Describes several methods by which you can start the T-SQL editor to create, modify, or execute script.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Transact-SQL Editor

Lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the T-SQL editor.

Syntax Coloration in the Transact-SQL Editor

Describes how you can interpret the color coding in the T-SQL editor.

How to: Save a Query or Script

Describes how you can save changes that you have made to a query or a script.

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Overview of Transact-SQL Editor

Provides an overview of how to create, analyze, and execute scripts and queries in the T-SQL editor.

Managing Database Connections within the Transact-SQL Editor

Contains topics that help you connect to a database server or specify a particular database in the T-SQL editor.

Script Analysis and Execution in the Transact-SQL Editor

Contains topics that help you analyze and run your scripts and queries in the T-SQL editor.

Walkthrough: Create and Execute a Simple Transact-SQL Script

Explains how to create and execute a simple T-SQL script. As part of this walkthrough, you connect and disconnect from the server, validate your T-SQL scripts, and examine the results of the query.

Terminology Overview of Team Edition for Database Professionals

Describes terminology associated with the features of Team Edition for Database Professionals.

Getting Started with Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

Provides overviews, introductory walkthroughs, glossary definitions, and other basic information to help you start to learn about Team Edition for Database Professionals.

Working with Database Scripts

Contains topics that describe how you create and maintain scripts for deploying database schemas and managing databases.

Working with Database Objects

Provides an overview and links to topics that describe how you create, modify, and validate changes to database objects such as tables, stored procedures, and functions.

For information about standard features in the Visual Studio editor, see the following topics:

Editor Convenience Commands and Features

Describes how to manipulate code and text in the editor.

Editing Text, Code, and Markup

Describes how to use the editor to write and format code.

Navigating Through Code

Provides links to procedures for using the Find and Replace window, Bookmarks, and the Task List and Error List windows to locate lines of code.

Customizing the Editor

Describes how to customize the editor by setting editor options.