This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Working with Database Projects in a Team Environment

Visual Studio 2005

You manage database change through the combination of the three technologies:

  • an offline representation of the database (the database project)


  • a version control system, such as Visual SourceSafe 

— or —

  • the version control features of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

By integrating these technologies, you can treat your database just like you treat the other files that make up your application. The topics in this section cover the integration between the database project and version control and how you can use them to manage change to your database.

In This Section

An Overview of Database Projects in a Team Environment

Provides an overview of the features that you can use to manage change to your database.

How to: Put Database Projects Under Version Control

Describes the process that you follow to put your database project under version control.

How to: Deploy an Older Version of a Version-controlled Database

Describes how you can build and deploy an older version of your database. By using this procedure, you can roll back to compatible versions of database and software if an unwanted change is deployed.

Migrating from Another Version Control System to Team Foundation Server and Team Edition for Database Professionals

Provides information about your options when you migrate from another version control system to using Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals to manage your database change.

Related Sections

An Overview of Database Creation and Deployment in a Team Environment

Provides background information about how you create, update, and deploy a version-controlled database schema.

Walkthrough: Put an Existing Database under Version Control

Explains how you create a database project, import the schema from an existing database, and then put that database under version control.

Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe

Includes setup and security information and procedures that you should use when you introduce your team to Visual SourceSafe and in ongoing team management.

Team Foundation Source Control

Provides a detailed description of Team Foundation source control.

Terminology Overview of Team Edition for Database Professionals

Describes terminology associated with the features of Team Edition for Database Professionals.