How to: Undo a Database Refactoring Operation

This topic explains how to undo the changes after you apply database refactoring operations to one or more database objects. For example, if you rename a column in a table, any stored procedures that reference that column are automatically updated with the new name. For more information, see Refactor Database Code and Data.

You can use the global undo functionality to undo the changes after you apply any of the database refactoring operations. You can undo the changes to the schema object and any references to the object that were updated automatically. These updates are undone in one transaction, and all files that are updated by the undo operation are saved, even if they are closed during the undo operation.


You can perform the undo operation only if all affected data generation plans are closed. For more information, see Troubleshooting Data Generation Issues.

To undo a rename refactoring operation

  • On the Edit menu, click Global Undo.

    The text of the menu option includes the details of the operation that will be undone. For example, the menu might say Global Undo *Rename from ShippedDate to ShippedDateAndTime. You can also click the Undo button on the toolbar. If you click the drop-down arrow on the button, the details of the operation that will be undone appear.

    If no operation can be undone, the command will be disabled and display the text Undo Last Global Action.


    You can also redo operations by using Global Redo.

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