This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Script Analysis and Execution in the Transact-SQL Editor

Not only can you edit database queries and scripts in the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) editor, but also you can validate your SQL syntax, execute database queries and scripts, and examine the result sets.

In This Section

How to: Execute a Query

Describes how to run your database query or script.

How to: Set Options for Query Execution and Results

Describes how to set global options (which apply to all new T-SQL editor sessions).

Query Results Overview

Provides an overview of how you can view and work with the results that you obtain when you run your queries and scripts.

How to: Cancel a Running Query

Describes how you can terminate a long-running query instead of waiting for it to complete execution.

How to: Validate a Query without Executing

Describes how you can verify the SQL syntax of your script or query.

How to: Enable SQLCMD mode in the Transact-SQL Editor

Describes how you can enable SQLCMD mode to execute embedded SQLCMD commands in your scripts.

Editing SQLCMD Scripts in the Transact-SQL Editor

Provides an overview of how you can use SQLCMD scripts in the T-SQL editor.

How to: Control the Gathering and Display of Client Statistics

Describes how you can turn on and off the gathering and display of client statistics when you execute scripts and queries in the T-SQL editor.

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