This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating and Updating Version-controlled Database Schemas

Visual Studio 2005

To put your database definition under version control, you need an offline representation of that database. In Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, that offline representation is the database project. The topics in this section provide you with information about database projects and how you work with them and their contents.

In This Section

An Overview of Database Creation and Deployment in a Team Environment

Provides background information about how you create, update, and deploy a version-controlled database schema.

How to: Specify the Local Instance of SQL Server to use for Design-time Validation

Describes how to specify the instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that you want to use for design-time validation.

An Overview of Database Projects

Provides background information that relates to database projects.

Getting Started with Database Projects

Contains topics that describe how you create the database project for a new or existing version-controlled database. This process includes importing a schema from an existing database or script into a database project.

Modifying Database Projects

Contains topics that describe how you open and work with an existing database project. This process includes importing schema updates from an existing database into a database project.

Building and Deploying Version-controlled Databases

Contains topics that describe how you build and deploy changes to a new or existing database schema that is under version control.

Working with Database Objects

Provides an overview and links to topics that describe how you create, modify, and validate changes to database objects such as tables, stored procedures, and functions.

Working with Database Scripts

Contains topics that describe how you create and maintain scripts for deploying database schemas and managing databases.

Working with Database Projects in a Team Environment

Contains topics that describe how you add your database project to version control and deploy an older version of your version-controlled database.

Walkthroughs (Creating and Updating Version-controlled Databases)

Contains walkthroughs that introduce you to creating and deploying a version-controlled database, putting an existing database under version control, modifying database objects, and deploying changes to an existing database that is under version control.

Troubleshooting Database Project, Build, and Deployment Issues

Provides help for diagnosing and correcting problems that relate to your database project, as well as problems with building and deploying your version-controlled database.

Related Sections

Terminology Overview of Team Edition for Database Professionals

Provides definitions of terms that are specific to Team Edition for Database Professionals and contains a link to definitions for terms that relate to Visual Studio Team System.