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CommandBarPopup Object

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CommandBars collection (CommandBar object)
Aa831766.parchild(en-us,office.10).gifCommandBarControls collection (CommandBarControl object),office.10).gifAa831766.parmult(en-us,office.10).gifCommandBarButton object,office.10).gifAa831766.parmult(en-us,office.10).gifCommandBarComboBox object,office.10).gifAa831766.parchild(en-us,office.10).gifCommandBarPopup object

Represents a on a .

Using the CommandBarPopup Object

Use Controls(index), where index is the number of the control, to return a CommandBarPopup object. (The Type property of the control must be msoControlPopup, msoControlGraphicPopup, msoControlButtonPopup, msoControlSplitButtonPopup, or msoControlSplitButtonMRUPopup.)

You can also use the FindControl method to return a CommandBarPopup object. The following example searches all command bars for a CommandBarPopup object whose tag is "Graphics."

Set myControl = Application.CommandBars.FindControl _
(Type:=msoControlPopup, Tag:="Graphics")


Every pop-up control contains a CommandBar object. To return the command bar from a pop-up control, apply the CommandBar property to the CommandBarPopup object.