Providing MUI-Compliant Help Files

MMC 2.0 supports Multilingual User Interface systems by allowing a snap-in to use online Help files created for the user's specific language. If the user's language is not U.S. English, then MMC 2.0 searches for the online Help file based on the following location.



If helpfile contains a fully qualified path, then dir is the supplied path. If helpfile does not contain a fully qualified path, then dir is %SystemRoot%\Help.


The 4-digit hexadecimal language identifier of the user's user interface language.


The name of the online Help file, as provided by the snap-in when MMC calls the ISnapinHelp2::GetHelpTopic method.

Note  For MUI to be in effect, the user's user interface language can be other than U.S. English, but the system's user interface language must be U.S. English. It is the snap-in provider's responsibility to provide the online Help file in the user's user interface language.

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