MMC 2.0 Notifications

Notifications are generated by events caused by user input. The console informs the Node Manager of an event that determines which notification to send. They can be sent to IComponentData::Notify, IComponent::Notify, or IExtendControlbar::ControlbarNotify, depending upon the individual notification.

The following notification are supported in MMC.

MMCN_ACTIVATE A window for which the snap-in owns the result view is being activated or deactivated.
MMCN_ADD_IMAGES The snap-in is being notified to add images for the result pane.
MMCN_BTN_CLICK The user clicked a toolbar button.
MMCN_CANPASTE_OUTOFPROC Sent by MMC to determine whether the snap-in supports paste operations from another MMC process.
MMCN_COLUMN_CLICK The user clicked a list view column header.
MMCN_COLUMNS_CHANGED Sent when the user hides columns or makes columns visible in the list view.
MMCN_CONTEXTHELP The user requested help about a selected item.
MMCN_CUTORMOVE Items owned by the snap-in have been cut or moved.
MMCN_DBLCLICK The user double-clicked a mouse button on a list view item or on a scope item in the result pane.
MMCN_DELETE Sent to inform the snap-in that an object should be deleted.
MMCN_DESELECT_ALL Sent to the virtual list view when all items of an owner-data result pane are deselected.
MMCN_EXPAND Sent when a scope item must be expanded or collapsed.
MMCN_EXPANDSYNC Sent when MMC requires a scope item to be expanded synchronously.
MMCN_FILTERBTN_CLICK The user clicked the filter button on the header control of a filtered view.
MMCN_FILTER_CHANGE Sent when the filter value for a filtered result view column has been changed.
MMCN_INITOCX Sent when a custom OCX is initialized for the first time.
MMCN_LISTPAD Sent when the list control for the list view taskpad is being attached or detached.
MMCN_MENU_BTNCLICK Sent when the user clicks a snap-in defined menu button.
MMCN_MINIMIZED Sent when a window is being minimized or maximized.
MMCN_PASTE Notifies the snap-in's scope item to paste selected result items.
MMCN_PRELOAD Sent if the snap-in supports the CCF_SNAPIN_PRELOADS format.
MMCN_PRINT Sent when the user clicks the Print button or selects the Print menu item.
MMCN_PROPERTY_CHANGE Informs the snap-in of property changes.
MMCN_QUERY_PASTE Sent to determine whether the snap-in can paste items from a given data object.
MMCN_REFRESH Sent when the refresh verb is selected.
MMCN_REMOVE_CHILDREN Notifies the snap-in when to delete all the child items (the entire subtree) below a specified item.
MMCN_RENAME A scope or result item must be renamed.
MMCN_RESTORE_VIEW Sent when the result pane for a scope item must be restored.
MMCN_SELECT An item has been selected in either the scope pane or result pane.
MMCN_SHOW Sent when a scope item is selected or deselected.
MMCN_SNAPINHELP The user requested help about the snap-in.
MMCN_VIEW_CHANGE Sent to inform the snap-in that the view should be updated.