Miscellaneous MMC 2.0 Information

The following information is provided for developers programming for MMC 2.0:

  • The Active Template Library (ATL) Snap-in Wizard does not support the new MMC 2.0 features. The ATL Snap-in Wizard is no longer supported, and new snap-ins, even those targeting MMC 1.1 or MMC 1.2, should not be written with this wizard.
  • Custom icons in taskpad views are now supported when using the New Task Wizard.
  • The "Enable context menus on taskpads in this console" option has been removed from the File+Options property page; the context menus will always be enabled.
  • In MMC 2.0, the IConsoleVerb methods fully support the MMC_BUTTON_STATE enumeration values. In MMC 1.2, MMC_BUTTON_STATE's INDETERMINATE, BUTTONPRESSED, and CHECKED values were not used.
  • MMC 2.0 removes the ability to create a new window by dragging a node to the main window background. This feature is allowed in MMC 1.2, but it is removed from MMC 2.0 to facilitate the expanded drag-and-drop functionality for snap-ins. An MMC 2.0 user can still achieve the new window effect by invoking the New Window from Here menu command.
  • The Visual Basic Snap-in Designer does not support MMC 2.0 features.