INodeProperties interface

The INodeProperties interface retrieves text-only properties for a node. This interface is implemented by snap-ins and its methods are called by the Extended View extension that ships with MMC 2.0. Other view extensions and the MMC 2.0 Automation Object Model (particularly the Node) can also use the INodeProperties interface.

The INodeProperties interface is queried (using IUnknown::QueryInterface) from the IComponentData interface for scope nodes, and from the IComponent interface for result items.

The Extended View extension queries two properties, CCF_DESCRIPTION and CCF_HTML_DETAILS. Instead of implementing INodeProperties, a snap-in can return values for these properties through data-object clipboard formats. The INodeProperties interface is available to snap-in developers whose data objects may not readily provide the property values.

When to implement

Implement the INodeProperties interface any time your snap-in must provide text-only properties to an application based on the MMC 2.0 Automation Object Model. An application based on the MMC 2.0 Automation Object Model can use the Node.Property property to retrieve text-based properties supported by your implementation of INodeProperties.

One example of when to implement INodeProperties is the case where your snap-in contains a node extended by the Extended View extension. For more information, see Using the Extended View Extension.

When to use

Your implementation of the INodeProperties::GetProperty method is called when an application based on the MMC 2.0 Automation Object Model retrieves the Node.Property property.


The INodeProperties interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. INodeProperties also has these types of members:


The INodeProperties interface has these methods.


Retrieves text-only properties for a node. Text-only properties are exposed in the Node object.



Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008



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