IImageList::ImageListSetIcon method

The IImageList::ImageListSetIcon method enables a user to set an icon in the image list or to create an icon if it is not there.


HRESULT ImageListSetIcon(
  [in] LONG_PTR *Icon,
  [inlong     nLoc


Icon [in]

A value that specifies the Win32 HICON handle to the icon to set. The type must be cast as a pointer to a LONG_PTR. The snap-in owns this resource and must free it when finished. A resource memory leak will occur if the snap-in does not free Icon.

nLoc [in]

A value that specifies the index assigned to the entry. This is a virtual index that is internally mapped to the actual index.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.


The icon was successfully added or replaced.


The Icon parameter is NULL or the nLoc parameter is negative.

The method also returns this value if the ILSI_LARGE_ICON or ILSI_SMALL_ICON macro is used and nLoc does not refer to an existing image. For more information, see the Remarks section.


An unexpected error occurred.


If the index specified by nLoc has been used before, ImageListSetIcon replaces the icon stored at nLoc. If it has not been previously used, a new entry in the image list is added. The icon being inserted must have both the 32x32 and 16x16 pixel sizes defined.

Selectively Changing the Small or Large Icon in an Image List

In MMC 1.2, two new macros are introduced to support changing only the small or large icon in an image list. The two macros, ILSI_LARGE_ICON and ILSI_SMALL_ICON, are applied to the nLoc parameter of ImageListSetIcon.

The ILSI_LARGE_ICON macro is used to change only the large icon at nLoc. The ILSI_SMALL_ICON macro is used to change only the small icon at nLoc.

To set different large and small icons, you can use either one of the two macros. The following code examples show these macros.

Snippet 1

pImageList->ImageListSetIcon((LONG_PTR*) hLargeIcon, nLoc); // set both
pImageList->ImageListSetIcon((LONG_PTR*) hSmallIcon, ILSI_SMALL_ICON (nLoc)); // change small

Snippet 2

pImageList->ImageListSetIcon((LONG_PTR*) hSmallIcon, nLoc); // set both
pImageList->ImageListSetIcon((LONG_PTR*) hLargeIcon, ILSI_LARGE_ICON (nLoc)); // change large

Before using either ILSI_LARGE_ICON or ILSI_SMALL_ICON, the snap-in must first insert an image at nLoc. The ImageListSetIcon method will fail if the ILSI_LARGE_ICON or ILSI_SMALL_ICON macro is used and nLoc does not refer to an existing image.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008





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