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IExtendPropertySheet2 interface

The IExtendPropertySheet2 interface is introduced in MMC 1.1.

The IExtendPropertySheet2 interface enables a snap-in component to add pages to the property sheet of an item.

IExtendPropertySheet2 supersedes the IExtendPropertySheet interface for MMC 1.1. In addition to inheriting all of the methods of IExtendPropertySheet, IExtendPropertySheet2 has the following method:


When to implement

Implement this interface in your in-process server DLL to add property pages for a snap-in component. QueryInterface is called on the primary snap-in object and the console then calls IExtendPropertySheet2::QueryPagesFor. If the snap-in responds with S_OK, the console calls IExtendPropertySheet2::CreatePropertyPages, which gives the snap-in an opportunity to add its pages. Finally, the console creates the sheet to display the pages. If the snap-in returns S_FALSE, no property sheet is created for the object.

IExtendPropertySheet2::GetWatermarks was added for MMC version 1.1 so that a snap-in can supply the watermark and header bitmap for the Wizard 97 style.

Be aware that each property sheet is created in its own thread. If any COM interface pointer is passed from the IComponent interface to the property page, this pointer must be marshaled. For more information, see Processes and Threads and COM+ Threading Models. The size of the property page is determined by the primary snap-in. If you are extending a property sheet for an object that does not belong to your snap-in, the dialog templates you use should conform to the dimensions established by the primary snap-in.

When to use

This interface can be used to add information about the properties of an object when you consider it appropriate. It may also be useful to know that property pages can also be implemented using either the Windows API or a class library such as the MFC Library.


The IExtendPropertySheet2 interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IExtendPropertySheet2 also has these types of members:


The IExtendPropertySheet2 interface has these methods.


Adds pages to a property sheet.


Gets the watermark and header bitmap for the Wizard 97 style.


Determines whether the object needs pages.



Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008



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