GPMC Object Model

The following illustration describes the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) object model.

For more information, see the "GPMC Objects and Associated Tasks" section of this topic.

Hierarchy of the GPMC object model

The following objects represent parameters related to Group Policy object (GPO) copy operations, backup operations, and restore operations.

Hierarchy of GPMC object model

GPMC Objects and Associated Tasks

The following table lists the GPMC objects and the typical tasks that are associated with those objects.

ObjectWhat you can do with this object
GPM2 Create GPMDomain2, GPMSitesContainer, GPMPermission, GPMSearchCriteria, GPMBackupDirEx, GPMRSOP, GPMClientSideExtension, GPMCSECollection, GPMTrustee, GPMMigrationTable and GPMConstants2 objects.
GPMAsyncCancel Cancel an asynchronous GPMC operation, such as a backup, restore, import, or copy operation. Not available through scripting.
GPMAsyncProgress Enable client notification about the progress of asynchronous operations. Not available through scripting.
GPMBackup Delete GPO backups. Retrieve the properties of GPO backup objects. Generate reports of the settings in a GPO backup.
GPMBackupCollection Access a collection of GPO backups.
GPMBackupDirEx Query GPO backups, GPO backup collections, Starter GPO backups, and Starter GPO backup collections.
GPMClientSideExtension Query client-side extension properties such as the ID and the display name.
GPMConstants Retrieve the values of GPMC constants.
GPMCSECollection Access a collection of client-side extension objects.
GPMDomain2 Query scope of management (SOM) objects. Create, restore, and query GPOs and Starter GPOs. Create and query Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filters. WMI filter queries are specified using WMI Query Language (WQL).
GPMGPO2 Manage an individual GPO. Enable or disable a GPO for users or for computers. Delete a GPO. Retrieve and set security information for a GPO. Retrieve GPO properties. Back up, import, and copy GPOs. Generate a report of settings in a GPO backup.
GPMGPOCollection Access a collection of GPOs.
GPMGPOLink Manage GPO links from a SOM. Set and retrieve the properties of GPO links, such as the link order and whether a link is enabled or enforced.
GPMStarterGPO Manage an individual Starter GPO. Delete a Starter GPO. Retrieve and set security information for a Starter GPO. Retrieve Starter GPO properties. Backup, import, and copy Starter GPOs. Generate a report of settings in a Starter GPO backup.
GPMStarterGPOCollection Access a collection of Starter GPOs.
GPMGPOLinksCollection Access a collection of GPO links.
GPMPermission Retrieve permission properties.
GPMResult Retrieve status message information while performing GPMC operations, such as restore, import, backup, and copy operations of GPOs.
GPMRSOP Query Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) in logging or planning mode. Generate a report of RSoP data.
GPMSearchCriteria Define the criteria to use for search operations.
GPMSecurityInfo Define the set of permissions that exist on a particular SOM, GPO, or WMI filter. Remove and add permissions.
GPMSitesContainer Access the scope of management (SOM) objects that represent sites in a forest.
GPMSOM Create and retrieve GPO links for a SOM. Set and retrieve security attributes and properties for a SOM.
GPMSOMCollection Access a collection of SOMs.
GPMStatusMessage Retrieve the properties of status messages that are related to GPO operations.
GPMStatusMsgCollection Access a collection of status messages.
GPMTrustee Retrieve information about a trustee that is a user, group, or computer in the domain.
GPMWMIFilter Set and retrieve security attributes and properties for a WMI filter.
GPMWMIFilterCollection Access a collection of WMI filters.