Mobile Ink To-Do Starter Kit


Last updated: March 2006


This Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET Starter Kit is a complete Mobile PC and Tablet PC application. The starter kit contains a semi-transparent form for taking notes and keeps your notes synchronized through a Web Service. It also supports battery awareness and online and offline data, two key features of great Mobile PC applications. The project comes ready to compile and run and it's easy to customize with only a little extra programming. Use the source code as the basis for your own Mobile PC and Tablet PC projects, share your work with others, or upload it to the Internet. The starter kit requires that the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit 1.7 be installed and works with Visual Studio 2005. You need not use a Tablet PC to run this application; you can develop applications on traditional systems configured with the Tablet PC SDK and the Recognizer Pack.


File Name: mobileinktodosample.exe

Version: v.6.0.3790.0

Date Published: November 2005

Language: English

Download Size: 712 kb

Click here to download the sample.