Samples Overview


Annotator Tool

This sample contains a small application that uses ink to annotate the contents of a control, regardless of whether that control freely exposes its window handle. The particular application is a Web browser that supports basic Web browsing, navigation, annotation, and navigation gestures. The sample code is written in C#.   

Dictionary Code Sample

This project, written in C++, is the companion to the MSDN article that describes how the handwriting recognizer uses speech dictionaries. It illustrates how to programmatically modify the dictionaries in order to improve results for handwriting recognition in your applications. The sample uses the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK version 1.7.   

Disabling Tablet PC Input Panel

You can use registry keys to disable Tablet PC Input Panel that appears next to text entry areas in your application. This method does not require that you recompile the application to disable Input Panel. It provides a simple way to patch previously released software in which Input Panel interferes with the interaction model or other aspects of your application. Readers should be familiar with Input Panel.

DynamicContext Code Sample

This Tablet PC application, written in C#, demonstrates programmatically setting context by using the Factoid and WordList properties of the RecognizerContext class.

Fabrikam Fine Furniture Sample Application

The Fabrikam Fine Furniture reference application is a feature-rich, fully-functional reference application. The source download includes a Visual Studio .NET solution containing the end-to-end application, and you can also download separate components to assist you in building learning to build mobile PC and Tablet PC solutions.

Filtering Code Sample

This sample, the companion to the MSDN Library article, uses RealTimeStylus plug-ins to filter input from the stylus and to collect ink only within an arbitrarily shaped region. This sample defines and uses a filter plug-in, a custom dynamic-renderer plug-in, an ink-collector wrapper plug-in, and an ink-collector plug-in.

Gesture-Enabled Shopping List

This application, the companion to the MSDN Library article, written in C#, is a shopping list in which the user can add, remove, select, and clear items by using gestures.   

InkListBox Control – English

InkListBox is a custom control for managed Windows Forms application running on a Tablet PC. The control extends the ListBox class with ink functionality. The control provides pen-enabled navigation, including navigation through gestures as well as ink input for navigation through long lists. The download includes sample code, written in C#.   


This sample, the companion to the MSDN Library article, details a method for achieving word-wrapping behavior for Ink that word processors and standard text-based controls provide to ensure so text automatically wraps to fill available space. Sample code is written in C#.   

InkShortcut Control Code Sample

InkShortcut is a custom control for Microsoft Windows Forms (using the .NET Framework) and the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Development Kit (SDK), conceived as an alternative to the keyboard-shortcut functionality (also known as an "accelerator key") offered by many applications. InkShortcut enables application developers to map Ink gestures to their applications' custom actions. Source code is written in C#.   

InkToDb Code Sample

This sample, the companion to the MSDN Library article, creates a database of ink that corresponds to sketches of damage marks on an automobile. For simplicity, it is a Windows Forms application, although you could easily apply the same techniques to Web applications. You can draw on an image of a car and then add those marks to the database, and you can also search the database for particular marks.   

Journal Reader Code Sample

Shows how to use the Journal Reader managed assembly.   

Network Location Awareness for Mobile PC Applications (C#)

This sample uses the Network Location Awareness (NLA) API from managed code. NLA allows applications to identify current logical network connections and be notified of changes to the current network connections.   

Printing Ink Code Samples

This sample, the companion to the MSDN Library article, contains code samples on how to print ink for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.   

Recognition Alternates Code Sample

This sample, in C#, C++, and Visual Basic .NET, shows how to use recognition alternates. An application that runs on Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition creates recognition alternates when that application converts handwriting into text.   

Tablet PC Development: Saving Recognition Data with an Ink Object

Shows two ways of saving recognition data with your Ink object. Both of these methods are supported by the Tablet PC API.   

Tablet PC and its Agents

This sample, the companion to the MSDN Library article, shows how to use Microsoft Agent 2.0 in a Tablet PC application. Code examples are written in C#.   

Using Ink in 3-D with Windows Presentation Foundation

This sample demonstrates the InkCanvas element in combination with other exciting features such as 3-D graphics, animations, and VisualBrushes.