In the example provider component, the functions for the schema class object are contained in cclsobj.cpp.

The CSampleDSClass class is defined in this file. CSampleDSClass is defined with methods and properties listed in the following table.

CSampleDSClassStandard constructor.
~CSampleDSClassStandard destructor.
CreateClassCreate an ADs schema class object. Lookup attribute definitions by calling SampleDSGetClassDefinition.
CreateClassCreate a schema class object, given the attribute definitions, setting known attributes, such as those listed in IADsClass::MandatoryAttributes.
AllocateClassObjectCreate a schema class object and load its type data.
QueryInterfaceReturn the requested interface pointer, if available.
Standard IADs methods.Standard IADs interface methods included in this file.
Standard IADsClass methods.Standard IADsClass interface methods included in this file.
CreatePropertyListCreate a list of properties associated with this schema class by calling CreatePropertyEntry.
CreatePropertyEntryCreate one property object in this schema class.
FreePropertyEntryFree the entry made in CreatePropertyEntry.
MakeVariantFromPropListCreate an array of VARIANTS from the property list created by CreatePropertyList. Can be used in the implementation of IADsClass::MandatoryAttributes and so on.