Caching the Result (Client Side)
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Caching the Result (Client Side)

Client-side caching stores the result set in the client memory, providing performance enhancements for the client side. A client can revisit an object repeatedly without multiple trips to the server. By default, ADSI caches the result set for the clients. This enables ADSI to provide clients with SQL-like cursor support. You may iterate through a given result set several times.

ADSI also enables clients to turn off the cache to reduce memory requirements. If client-side caching is disabled, the client does not maintain the result set in memory. Each row is freed after the application retrieves it. Disabling client-side caching can be useful for decreasing the client-side memory requirements in such cases as when you intend only to make a single pass through the result set. However, when clients elect not to cache the result, they give up cursor support.

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