CICS and VTAM Sample Definitions for LU 6.2

This topic presents sample definitions for CICS (version 1.6) and VTAM (version 3.2) for Host Integration Server 2006 computer connections to an IBM host system for LU 6.2 operation.

To configure a CICS host system for LU 6.2 operation with a Host Integration Server system, you configure the following information at the host:

  • The remote systems with which CICS is able to communicate.
  • The name used by VTAM to communicate with each remote system.
  • The transaction programs (TPs) available on the CICS system.
  • The programming language (PL/I, COBOL, or Assembler) in which each program is written.

This information is configured in CICS and VTAM tables. This topic provides sample definitions that show how to configure CICS for LU 6.2 using these CICS and VTAM tables.