Overview of Network Protocols for Clients

Host Integration Server 2006 clients can communicate with servers through the following LAN protocols:

  • Microsoft Networking (Named Pipes)
  • IPX/SPX (the protocol used with NetWare)
  • TCP/IP
In order for the different client/server protocols to be handled correctly by Host Integration Server, both clients and servers must have the network software and the Host Integration Server software installed correctly. Be sure to follow the installation instructions in this section carefully, and follow the installation instructions for other software you are using for example, Windows 2000 Server and the associated network software, Host Integration Server, and network software on clients.

Correct installation of network and Host Integration Server on servers and clients ensures that two essential aspects of communication work correctly:

  • The servers and clients are visible to each other on the local area network (LAN). This results when the network software is installed correctly on all affected computers.
  • The Host Integration Server computers communicate with clients over the correct LAN protocol, and the clients direct their communication to the correct domain name or, for some clients using Microsoft Networking or TCP/IP, to one or more correct server names. A Host Integration Server client must be set up to use the correct server or domain name or, for Microsoft Networking, set up to locate servers in the local domain. Otherwise, the client will not be able to locate a Host Integration Server computer.

For example, in order for a client to successfully communicate over Novell NetWare, there must be working communication between the client, a NetWare server, or a Windows Server running Microsoft File and Print Services for NetWare and any Host Integration Server computers in the network. Either server provides the client with names of Host Integration Server computers. In addition, for clients running NetWare 4.x, bindery emulation must be enabled. The following figure illustrates how correct installation is necessary for successful communication:

Diagram and explanation of how correct installation results in successful communication

For information about how Host Integration Server enables you to view and choose the domain and protocols to be used by Host Integration Server computers and clients, see Important Network Options on a Host Integration Server 2006 Computer. For details about how each of the network protocols works on a Host Integration Server client, see the section about that specific network protocol (for example, Clients Using TCP/IP).