CALCMODE Attribute | calcMode Property

Sets or gets the interpolation mode for the animateMotion object.


Scripting [ sMode = ] t:ANIMATEMOTION.calcMode [ = calcmode ]

Possible Values

sMode String that specifies or receives one of the following values.
discreteThe animation jumps from one value to the next value, with no interpolation.
linearThe animation uses simple linear interpolation between values to calculate the animation function.
pacedDefault. The animation defines an even pace of change across the animation. This is only supported for attribute values that define a linear numeric range, and for which a notion of distance between points can be calculated, such as width or height.
splineThe animation interpolates from one value to the next value, according to a time function defined by a cubic Bezier spline. The points of the spline are defined in the keyTimes property, and the control points for each interval are defined in the keySplines property.

The property is read/write. The property has a default value of paced.


The default value for the t:ANIMATEMOTION element is paced.

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