namedRecordset method

Retrieves the recordset object corresponding to the named data member from a data source object (DSO).


IDispatch retVal = object.namedRecordset(dataMember, hierarchy);


dataMember [in]

Type: BSTR

BSTR that specifies the name of the data member, or an empty string, which indicates the default data member.

hierarchy [in, optional]


Address of a VARIANT of type VT_BSTR that specifies a path to a hierarchical data set. May be set to NULL.

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.


Valid names for a data member are specific to the DSO implementation. Check the DSO documentation to determine whether it supports named data members and to determine the valid names for those data members.

If NULL values or empty strings are passed to the IHTMLObjectElement2::namedRecordset method, the default recordset is returned. This is identical to referring to the IHTMLGenericElement::recordset property directly.

If the second parameter is omitted, the top-level recordset is returned. If the first parameter is omitted but the second parameter is specified, the specified subchapter of the default recordset is returned.

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