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IHlinkTarget Interface

Deprecated. Implemented by a hyperlink target to provide hyperlink references to the target contents.

IHlinkTarget Members

GetBrowseContext Gets the browse context in which the hyperlink target is currently running.
GetFriendlyName Gets a display name for the given hyperlink location in the target.
GetMoniker Returns a moniker to the hyperlink target object.
Navigate Navigates to and shows the specified location in the object or document, if the specified location is not visible.
SetBrowseContext Sets the current browse context for the hyperlink target.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation hlink.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files hlink.h, hlink.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 4.0
Minimum operating systems Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows CE 2.12

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