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IHostDialogHelper Interface

Provides a method to create a trusted, modal dialog box that displays HTML.

IHostDialogHelper Members

ShowHTMLDialog Creates a trusted, modal dialog box that displays HTML.


To get an IHostDialogHelper interface pointer, call CoCreateInstance by using CLSID_HostDialogHelper for the CLSID and IID_IHostDialogHelper for the IID.

Dialog boxes that are created with IHostDialogHelper::ShowHTMLDialog are trusted and do not have a user interface that identifies them as Windows Internet Explorer dialog boxes.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation mshtml.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files mshtmhst.h, mshtmhst.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 6.0
Minimum operating systems Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows CE 4.0

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