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length property

Sets or retrieves the number of objects in a collection.


HRESULT value = object.put_length( v);HRESULT value = object.get_length(* p);

Property values

Type: long

the number of objects.

Standards information


The IHTMLFontSizesCollection::length property does not count input type=image elements. To access all elements contained in a form, call QueryInterface on IHTMLFormElement and request an IHTMLElement interface. Use the children property of the IHTMLElement interface to retrieve a collection of all elements in the form.

This property is read-write on the areas collection for image maps and the options collection for select boxes. This allows a developer to shrink the collection.

For Windows CE only, this collection will always be empty.

As of Windows Internet Explorer 8, this property is read-only in the IHTMLAreasCollection4 object.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later, this property applies to the comment object.



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