IHTMLFrameSetElement::cols Property

Sets or retrieves the frame widths of the object.


HRESULT IHTMLFrameSetElement::get_cols(long *p);HRESULT IHTMLFrameSetElement::put_cols(long v);


Pointer to a variable of type long that receives one of the values listed in Possible Values.
long that specifies one of the values listed in Possible Values.

Possible Values

width Integer that specifies the frame width, in pixels.
percentage Integer, followed by a percent sign (%). The value is a percentage of total available width.
width* Integer that specifies the frame width as a relative value. After allocating pixel or percentage values, the remaining space is divided among all relative-sized frames.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


The number of comma-separated items is equal to the number of frames contained within the frameSet, while the value of each item determines the frame width.

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