AddressBar property

Sets or gets a value indicating whether the address bar of the object is visible or hidden.


Property values

Type: Boolean

One of the values in the Property Values section.


The AddressBar not only includes the editable address box itself, but also open tab controls and the Home, Favorites, and Settings buttons, all of which will be hidden when setting this property to VARIANT_FALSE. If there are already multiple tabs displayed in the application, setting this property to VARIANT_FALSE will not hide the address bar and tabs.

IE8 and later versions:

When a process running in Protected Mode, and thus in Low integrity level (IL), loads a Trusted Sites Zone URL, the AddressBar will fail to hide when set as VARIANT_FALSE. This is because a Windows process can only have one integrity level, so the Low IL process terminates and a Medium IL process will start to accommodate the trusted site, losing the put_AddressBar value you had originally set.

You can use the IEIsProtectedModeURL function to determine the trust level of a given URL before loading it. If it returns S_OK (running at Low IL, and thus in Protected Mode), then instantiate the InternetExplorer object as usual. If the function returns S_FALSE, then you can CoCreate an instance of CLSID_InternetExplorerMedium ("{D5E8041D-920F-45e9-B8FB-B1DEB82C6E5E}"), thus placing your process into Medium IL.

For more info, see Default Integrity Level and Automation.

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