Service Framework Data


This topic lists all exceptions generated by Service Framework Data.

Resource CodeResource String
AddressingExtensionInBadNSThe specified element in the specified namespace is not valid. This means that the specified element is a duplicate element or that it is not a legal extension because extension elements cannot be in the addressing namespace.
BinaryEncoderSessionInvalidThe binary encoder session is not valid because there was an error decoding a previous message.
CannotDetectAddressingVersionCannot detect WS-Addressing version. EndpointAddress does not start with an element.
CouldNotFindNamespaceForPrefixThe specified prefix has no namespace binding in scope.
EncoderBadContentTypeCannot process to contentType.
EncoderEnvelopeVersionMismatchThe envelope version of the specified incoming message does not match the specified encoder. Make sure the binding is configured with the same version as the expected messages.
EncoderMessageVersionMismatchThe message version of the specified outgoing message does not match the specified encoder. Make sure the binding is configured with the same version as the message.
ExtraContentIsPresentInFaultDetailAdditional Extensible Markup Language content is present in the fault detail element. Only one element is allowed.
FilterBadTableTypeThe IMessageFilterTable created for a Filter cannot be a MessageFilterTable or derived from MessageFilterTable.
FilterTableInvalidForLookupThe MessageFilterTable state is corrupt. The requested search cannot be performed.
MandatoryHeaderNotUnderstoodOne or more required simple object access protocol header blocks were not understood.
MessageBodyIsStreamThe message body is a stream.
MessageBodyIsUnknownThe format of the message body is unknown.
MessageBodyReaderInvalidReadStateThe specified ReadState of the message body reader cannot be consumed.
MessageTextEncodingNotSupportedThe specified text encoding that is used in the text message format is not supported.
MissingMessageIDRequest Message is missing a MessageID header. A MessageID header is required to correlate a reply.
MultipleMessageHeadersMore than one header with the specified name and namespace were found.
MultipleMessageHeadersWithActorMore than one header with the specified name, namespace and role were found.
MultipleRelatesToHeadersMore than one RelatesTo header with the specified relationship were found. Only one is allowed for each relationship.
QueryFunctionTypeNotSupportedThe specified return type for the IXsltContextFunction is not supported.
QueryIteratorOutOfScopeThe XPathNodeIterator has been invalidated. XPathNodeIterators that are passed as arguments to IXsltContextFunctions are only valid within the function. They cannot be cached for later use or returned by the function.
QueryVariableNullIXsltContextVariable methods cannot return null.
QueryVariableTypeNotSupportedThe specified IXsltContextVariable derived type is not supported.
ReceiveShutdownReturnedMessageThe channel received an unexpected input message with the specified Action while closing. Close the channel when you are not expecting any more input messages.
XmlBufferInInvalidStateAn internal error has occurred. The operation cannot be performed because of the state of the XML buffer.
XmlBufferQuotaExceededThe size necessary to buffer the Extensible Markup Language content exceeded the buffer quota.