Viewing the Starter Classes

Visual Studio 6.0

In the Project Workspace, switch to ClassView and examine the classes that AppWizard defined in the starter application files:

  • CAboutDlg: the class used to create the “About Scribble” dialog box

  • CChildFrame: the class used to create the MDI child frame window (which contains the Scribble documents)

  • CMainFrame: the class used to create the MDI main frame window (which contains the child frame windows)

  • CScribbleApp: the main application object

  • CScribbleDoc: the document class

  • CScribbleView: the view class

By expanding each class icon, you can view the default member functions and variables AppWizard declared for you. In most cases, these are starter functions that you’ll fill in later.

To learn more about viewing the code generated for the project, see the next topic, Navigating Through Code. Take time to examine the source code files. To orient you, AppWizard creates a text file, ReadMe.txt, in your new project root directory. This file explains the contents and uses of the other new files created by AppWizard.

The topics Building the Starter Application and Running the Starter Application, later in this lesson, guide you through the process of compiling the starter application and running the resulting program to examine its capabilities.