OLE DB Provider for DB2 Programmer's Guide

OLE DB Provider for DB2 Programmer's Guide

Microsoft® OLE DB Provider for DB2 enables users to access IBM Data Base 2 (DB2) from within an OLE-aware application. The object linking and embedding database (OLE DB) is a standard set of interfaces that provides heterogeneous access to disparate sources of information located anywhere—file systems, e-mail folders, and databases. The OLE DB Provider for DB2 combines the universal data access of OLE DB with the IBM Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA).

Organizations have invested in secure, robust, enterprise-wide data storage and management systems. DRDA is a set of rules for distributing or extending relational data from one computer to another, such as from a personal computer server to an IBM DB2 database server running on a mainframe or an AS/400 computer. By combining the OLE DB and DRDA architectures, Microsoft enables organizations to preserve their investments in existing data management infrastructure, while extending universal data access to all enterprise-wide data sources.

For application programming interface (API) references and other technical information about OLE DB providers, see theOLE DB Providers Programmer's Reference section of the software development kit (SDK).

For more information on using the OLE DB Provider for DB2, seethe OLE DB Provider for DB2 section of the Operations guide.

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