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IDXLookupTable Interface

This topic documents a feature of Visual Filters and Transitions, which is deprecated as of Windows Internet Explorer 9 and obsolete as of Internet Explorer 10.

The IDXLookupTable interface changes the color balance for a set of samples. Each color in the pixel is used as an index in a table that indicates what the adjusted color value should be.

IDXLookupTable Members

ApplyTables Translates a set of samples in place.
GetIndexValues Retrieves the component values for a specific index in the table.
GetTables Retrieves a copy of the lookup tables.
IsChannelIdentity Determines whether the application of a channel's table will have any effect.


To use lookup tables, you must first create a lookup table with the IDXLUTBuilder interface, which sets the number and order of the operations performed on the samples. To obtain a pointer to a lookup table, you must call the Component Object Model (COM)  QueryInterface method on an IDXLUTBuilder object, as shown in the following code example.

IDXLookupTable* g_pLUT;
	g_pLUTBuilder->QueryInterface( IID_IDXLookupTable, (void **)&g_pLUT );

The pointer returned from this call can be used to obtain the values in the lookup table. It can also be used as a parameter to the IDXSurfaceModifier::SetLookup member function, so that the lookup table can be applied to an entire DXSurface.

You can use lookup tables to adjust an image's brightness or contrast, or to perform gamma correction.

This interface inherits from the IDXBaseObject interface.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation dxtrans.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IDXBaseObject
Header and IDL files dxtrans.h, dxtrans.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 4.0
Minimum operating systems Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0

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