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IDXSurface::GetStatusFlags Method

This topic documents a feature of Visual Filters and Transitions, which is deprecated as of Windows Internet Explorer 9 and obsolete as of Internet Explorer 10.

Retrieves the status flags of the DXSurface object.


HRESULT GetStatusFlags(
    DWORD *pdwStatusFlags


[out] Pointer to the surface status flags.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value that depends on the implementation of the interface.


The returned DWORD value contains flags from the DXLOCKSURF and DXSURFSTATUS enumerations.

This method returns the DXSURF_TRANSIENT flag if the data in the surface changes often. If it does, the user should not cache information about the surface. Run information is never generated for transient surfaces.

If the DXSURF_READONLY flag is set, you cannot obtain an IDXARGBReadWritePtr interface to the surface.

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