IHTMLAnchorElement::rev Property

Sets or retrieves the relationship between the object and the destination of the link.


HRESULT IHTMLAnchorElement::get_rev(BSTR *p);HRESULT IHTMLAnchorElement::put_rev(BSTR v);


Pointer to a variable of type BSTR that receives one or more of the space-delimited values listed in the Possible Values.
BSTR that specifies one or more of the space-delimited values listed in the Possible Values.

Possible Values

Alternate Substitute version of the file that contains the link.
Appendix Page that is an appendix for the set of pages.
Bookmark Bookmark.
Chapter Page that is a chapter for a set of pages.
Contents Table of contents document.
Copyright Copyright notice for the current page.
Glossary Glossary for the current page.
Help Help document.
Index Index document for the current page.
Next Next document in a sequence.
Prev Previous document in a sequence.
Section Page that is a section for a set of pages.
Start First document of a set.
Stylesheet Style sheet.
Subsection Page that is a subsection for a set of pages.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


The IHTMLAnchorElement::rev property is similar to the IHTMLAnchorElement::rel property, but the semantics of these two properties' link types are in the reverse direction. For example, a link from A to B with REL="X" expresses the same relationship as a link from B to A with REV="X". An anchor can have both IHTMLAnchorElement::rel and IHTMLAnchorElement::rev properties.