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HlinkNavigateString Function

Deprecated. Executes a hyperlink jump, that is specified by a string, to a new document or object.


HRESULT HlinkNavigateString(
    IUnknown *pUnk,
    LPCWSTR szTarget


[in] The address of the IUnknown interface on the document or object that is initiating the hyperlink. If this is NULL, it is assumed the hyperlink originates from an Microsoft ActiveX-unaware application.
[in] The address of a string that identifies the hyperlink target. This string is resolved into a moniker for underlying binding operations through MkParseDisplayNameEx. If this is NULL, the navigation is inside a document.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


HlinkNavigateString is implemented as a simple macro that calls the HlinkSimpleNavigateToString function, passing it NULL for most parameters.

The HlinkNavigateString helper function can be used by all applications, documents, and objects that have simple navigation requirements. The simple hyperlink navigation model enables a user to jump from one page to another page, but does not provide support for more complex operations, such as cutting and pasting hyperlinks. This function performs navigation if it originates in a hyperlink frame.

Function Information

Stock Implementation Urlmon.dll
Custom Implementation No
Header Urlmon.h
Import library Urlmon.lib
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 3.0
Minimum operating systems Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95

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