Writing Secure ADO.NET Code

The .NET Framework provides many useful classes and services that enable developers to write secure applications (see Securing Applications). However, in order for you to better secure an application, you must follow secure coding practices. The following topics provide guidelines for writing secure ADO.NET code and include information on securing the parts of your application that use ADO.NET.

In This Section

Secure ADO.NET Connections
Discusses recommendations for protecting information used to connect to a data source.
Secure ADO.NET Coding Guidelines
Discusses recommendations for helping to increase the security of ADO.NET code.
Code Access Security and ADO.NET
Describes how Code Access Security can be used to help protect ADO.NET code.
Verify ADO.NET Code Access Using Security Permissions
Describes how to ensure that your code has the required permissions before it is executed.

Related Topics

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Describes the ADO.NET architecture and components and how to use them to access existing data sources as well as to manage application data.