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Working with CSS Styles

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Cascading style sheet (CSS) styles can help give HTML documents an attractive and consistent appearance. By linking many Web pages to the same external style sheet, you can define a consistent look and feel for an entire Web site.

Any Web browser that supports HTML 4.0 or later will support most CSS style attributes. Use CSS styles to define the appearance and position of elements and text on HTML pages and Web forms. The style attribute can be added inline to many HTML elements, and CSS styles also can be embedded in <STYLE> blocks or stored in external cascading style sheet (.css) files.

In This Section

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Understanding CSS styles.
Building CSS Styles
Using the Add Style Rule and Style Builder dialog boxes to create CSS style rules.
Adding CSS Style Attributes in Design View
Adding CSS style attributes directly to HTML elements.
Inserting CSS Styles from the Document Styles Window
Using the Document Styles window.
Applying a CSS Style to Another Web Page
Copying and pasting CSS styles.
Creating an External CSS Style Sheet
Creating external CSS style sheet (.css) files.
Linking a Web Page to a CSS Style Sheet
Configuring a Web page to load styles from external CSS style sheets.

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